Every business, starts with an idea!

Before we dive in, and tell you all the fancy business facts you’re itching to read about, it’s important to meet the brains behind the operation. 

Latoya Morris the business general

Meet the 5-star business general

Latoya Morris is a 5-star General in the marketplace, and founder and CEO of Total Image Consulting Group. She’s worked with nonprofit and for-profit small business owners, and forces to be reckoned with, awesome sauce female entrepreneurs. Latoya’s witnessed the growth of businesses, and watched boss women climb the Ms. CEO charts from startup to now bringing in six figures in revenue, from solopreneur to being able to hire team members who share their vision. While working for a nonprofit, as a community business coach and lender in the Midwest (for one of the largest micro lenders in the country), she’s coached over 300 businesses during the pandemic, and funded over a quarter of a million dollars in small business loans to entrepreneurs. And, she’s just getting started! 

"My team and I love working with service based businesses, let us know more about yours."

We mentor, and coach female serviced based business owners, and entrepreneurs, through mentorship, coaching services, and accountability. We enjoy developing systems to keep your business organized, and help start your business off on the right foot, while holding you accountable and making sure you stay on track.

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We don't choose your path for you, we just show you how to get there, and kick you through the door!

The path to success, has a lot of twists and turns, but it can be rewarding! The problem is, you’ll never know unless you try. Don’t allow fear, the lack of knowledge, or the lack of support stop you from walking down your path of success. We’ve got your back, and we’ll give you the tools to prepare you for greatness.

The path to fear holds you back from getting that much closer to your success story. It stops you from running, before you get a chance to begin the race. We can’t make you choose the path to success, but we can tell you that anytime you move forward towards your goals, you’ve already succeeded and crossed the finish line.

our ideal client

Ready to change

ready to learn

ready to grow

ready to work

Ready to execute

the vision:

To be the bridge that connects small businesses to operate like the Fortune 500’s of America

The mission:

Our mission is to inspire, and mobilize entrepreneurs to build 5-Star businesses globally — one vision, one goal, and one destination at a time.

The Values:

Integrity: Morality over greed!
Quality: Top-notch at what we do, and how we do it.
Transparent: Because sugarcoating can cause cavities.
Community: It takes a village, to build a nation.
Perseverance: When life hands us lemons, we mass-produce those bad boys, and make a profit!
Teamwork: We’re a pack, that stands out from the rest.
Passion: We actually love what we do, and it shows.

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Discover your purpose, or Power-Up that dream business!

Let’s be honest… you hate your job! Ok, maybe that was a little too honest. But the truth is you really want to say that, but you’re stuck at work, or dreading going back to work, because you know you were called for more. You took care of people for so long, that now it’s your turn, and you have a business, or two, locked inside of you that’s itching to come alive! Sound familiar?

Now is the time to be a little selfish, and reclaim your dream business. Let us show you how it’s done. Work with one of our awesome coaches Today!

"Latoya has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She has helped me to become organized and gather a course of action"

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