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Whether you’re just getting starting, or have been in business for quite some time, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our business coaching services, and choose the best solution that’s best for your business goals, and needs. 

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1:1 Power-up business coaching

Start your business like a boss, and gain marketing momentum.

What’s your impact on the world, and how can you maximize that impact to make your business more profitable? Allow us to help you discover your Inner Brand, that goes far beyond a cute logo, and a fancy name.

Our 1:1 Power-Up Business Coaching teams up with your small “yet powerhouse” business, to provide a “level up” strategy to meet your marketing/branding goals, by mapping out the in’s and out’s for your business that fit your brand message. We also help you master work/life balance and educate you on the business process, that will solidify a better streamlining system. Think of us as your personal Boss Tutor, there to help you meet your goals head on and stay on budget, while running your business like a Fortune 500 company.

What you can expect:
– Accountability, motivation, and strategy using a time sensitive approach.
– 6 Power-Packed sessions, with a coach that knows, and understands your business, like your best kept secret under that push-up bra.
– Exclusive materials
– And more

Is Power-Up right for me?
Power-Up Business Coaching is right for you if you’re a service based business, that has been in business for at least 3 months, and you’re ready to make a 3 month commitment.

COMMITMENT: 3 months  INVESTMENT: $550/month

8-week Business mentoring

Discover your purpose, and start your dream business.

You took care of people for so long, that now it’s your turn, and you have a business, or two, locked inside of you that’s itching to come alive! So, Let’s Go!

During this 8-week commitment, you’ll not only understand more about yourself, you’ll shed off that dead weight of doubt, and fear.

By the end of this program, you’ll discover who you are, and learn how to stay self motivated to walk in your purpose.

What you can expect:

– Accountability, motivation, and a game plan to help you identify your purpose, and link it to the business that’s right for you.
– 4 Power-Packed sessions
– Access to our exclusive online classroom
– Exclusive materials (worksheets, and audios)
– And more

Is this Mentoring service right for me?
Our Business Mentoring service is right for you if you’re a budding entrepreneur/business owner, who needs the support, and direction to pinpoint the path that’s right for you, and you’re ready to make an 8-week commitment. You’re ready to uncover deeply rooted layers, and bad habits that could be holding you back from having a fulfilling life, to propel you to your next level of success as a future small business owner.


woman frustrated with her job, signs up for business services.
women starting their business services together, with a coach

Small business customer service training

Keep your customers, grow your revenue, let us show you how.

How do you grow with your customers, and your team? You learn our signature 5 C’s customer service framework, that’s how!

We want you, and your business to succeed, but in order to do that, you have to understand, and listen to your customers, while empathizing with your team.

We believe that great customer service starts with the people that make it happen, and those that matter most, your staff, and team members. Walk with us, during this 2-3 month training (length of time and price depends on the number of employees), as we show you how to have a better customer experience, to help you boost your sales and business productivity, by working on the core of your business, Your Team!

Employee Onboarding, Business Organization, Business Streamlining, Customer Service Training

Real Results From Real Clients

hit 6 figures in revenue in under a year

Dominique Clemons, Owner of Wholistically Therapeutic, LLC.

“Latoya has been an absolute pleasure to work with!!! She has helped me to become organized and gather a course of action when I was overwhelmed and lost in knowing where to begin. She pays attention to detail and it shows.”

happy client that worked with a coach from total image consulting group
happy client that had business services from a coach

Pooch perfect contestant, on abc

Tierra Jones, Owner of Teerific Dog Grooming, LLC.

“Latoya is so professional and very knowledgeable. She has a passion for helping people build successful businesses.” Read What Others Have To Say…

We're a Good Fit If...

You’re ready to run your dream business, Like Yesterday

We’re not in the business of convincing. If you’re ready to go to the next level in business, and willing to do the work, Let’s Go!

You're an action-taker & ambitious entrepreneur

How bad do you want to build a team, or grow the one you currently have? You have to want to succeed as bad as we want you too.

You have the time to commit to building your business

Time waits for no one, and with that being said you have to be willing to respect time, and make use of every minute.