Entrepreneurship Training Program

TOTAL IMAGE CONSULTING GROUP, INC. the Entrepreneurship Training Program is for individuals seeking to start a new business in the marketplace or improve their existing business. This highly recommended entrepreneurial training program has been compared to a full-time semester at a university. Although, its value is equivalent the cost is far less.

We’ve successfully helped over 1,000 client-based solutions for clients we’ve served annually through leadership and business programs we offer. Our clients learn how to establish their entrepreneurial vision and transform their business goals into client-satisfaction.

We educate clients on how to start a business and ascertain strategic planning to expose their company in the marketplace to increase customer-base and embrace our business resources to advance their company’s mission.

Take the TICG Entrepreneurial Business Quiz below.

• Do you dream about starting a business?
• Do you need guidance for starting a business?
• Do you have a viable business idea?
• Do you need extra streams of revenue?
• Do you want to build a healthy foundation for business?
• Do you want a competitive edge in the market-place?
• Do you need strategic ways to market your company?

If you’ve answered “YES” to all of the questions you are ready to get started on the journey to business ownership. To take the next step. Contact Us Today and ask to speak with one of our business consultants.

If you’ve answered “NO” to any of these questions, you may schedule your free 20-minute business assessment to discuss what your goals are for an existing business owner or how to get started on the path to becoming a new business owner.

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