A Message From Latoya Morris, Founder & CEO of TICG, Inc.

Dear Reader,

My passion has always been to propel the lives and success stories of others through leadership, training, and integrity. Living and walking in my purpose of leadership is the driving force that motivates me to extend an olive branch to others who long to discover and live out their purpose.  I have had the opportunity to empower companies and individuals through seminars, training workshops, and mentorship programs, and encourage others to find their passion and live it purposefully.

I believe that with hard work and dedication the sky is the limit and I encourage you to discover your fullest potential and embrace it. Never allow fear or naysayers to feed you negativity, but instead, take that negativity as fuel to ignite your destiny.

I estimate that about 100% of all your hard work is invested in your company and potential clients. This business projection is an estimated figure of how you perceive the rise of company growth and future sustainability that foresees our future of tomorrow leaders.

Every year thousands of businesses start-up but only teamwork, persistence, and quality corporate decision-making strategies sustain future existence of companies.

Call our office today at (312) 809-7022 and find out how TICG can help you save money on your next training project or package for hire.

And always remember, “Don’t Get Mad, Get Successful”!



Latoya Morris, Founder/CEO

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