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Look… Every business boss needs a recharge, and a different perspective to help propel them to the next level, which is why we decided to launch this challenge, just in time for the holiday rush in orders you’re about to get sis! We’ll be gifting 3 beautiful amazing women, and all you have to do is Enter, and Participate.
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From Startup to 6 Figures In Revenue!

“Latoya has been an absolute pleasure to work with!!! She has helped me to become organized and gather a course of action when I was overwhelmed and lost in knowing where to begin. She pays attention to detail and it shows.”

Dominique Clemons, owner of wholistically therapeutic, LLc.

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Latoya Morris is a 5-star General in the marketplace, and founder and CEO of Total Image Consulting Group, Inc. She has a B.A. in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago, and a host of certification, including one from Cornell University for Entrepreneurial Studies.

She’s worked with nonprofits and for-profit small business owners, and awesome sauce entrepreneurs around the country. Latoya’s witnessed the growth of small businesses, and watched boss women climb the Ms. CEO ladder from startup to now bringing in six figures in revenue, from solopreneur to being able to hire team members who share their vision, and the list goes on.

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