About Us

About Us

TOTAL IMAGE CONSULTING GROUP, INC. better known as TICG is a top of the line cutting edge company in its industry. TICG specializes in the small business sector, nonprofit and entertainment industries. We work with entrepreneurs and businesses to meet their business goals.

Founder and CEO Latoya Morris has built a team committed to excellence with the aim to immerse companies and individuals into business models of success that clients can depend on. Most of the upward mobility of TICG success is surrounded by around the clock team-players developing mainstream corporate strategies that transform into client-satisfaction.

TICG is a fully professional service contractor that specializes in facilitating relationships between businesses and their clients. With over 15 years of experience, Total Image Consulting Group, Inc.’s expertise is teaching employees how to develop great leadership skills and strengthening businesses “top-line growth” which will, in turn, lay the foundation of a company’s brand message to maintain millennium stability. TICG training programs educate companies and clients on how to help employees grow and soar with their business.

TICG has successfully implemented over 1,000 client-based solutions for clients we’ve served annually through leadership and the business services we offer. Our reputation is built on Integrity, Partnership, and Premium Customer Service which is what we call the, “3 Keys-To-Success.” Professional Services Contractor, Customer Service Training, Leadership Training, Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, Leadership/Management Implementation, Business Solutions.


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